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May 2, 2014 10:00am EDT
speak about an aggressive russia. we will bring it to you live at noon. >> welcome to "market makers." i'm stephanie ruhle. erik schatzker is out. i'm joined by the well manicured matt miller. cure ifd to get a mani you were going to be on set with me. >> it is friday. jobs day. the headline number is the best it has been in more than two years. payrolls rose by 288,000 in april, far more than estimated. unemployment dropped to its lowest level since before the collapse of lehman brothers. but there is a lot beyond the headlines. i want to bring in michael mckee. you are the man who delivers the real deal. walk us through it. the headlines look great but the market is not excited. >> no champagne. the headline number is good but the details are not as good. that is why we are seeing markets back off from their initial excitement. a a tale of te -- it is tale of two surveys. we are coming back from the weather. the household survey, same measure,, the people were employed. we lost 73,000 jobs in that survey. more than 700,000 people leave the labor force with chuck drives unemployment --
May 1, 2014 10:00am EDT
an i on putin. russia's his neighbors are wondering if they will be next. -- wel hear lafayette's will hear from lafayette's prime minister. ♪ country's his neighbors are worried about a spillover. peter, she is looking at the u.s. for support. >> she is here she has been here with a meeting with the vice president among others. counting on the u.s. and nato to provide military support should russia take aim beyond ukraine. one of the countries bordering 100% for natural gas. i asked whether she thinks the crisis will be across her country. class ukraine and russia is not ukraine andr of russia relationships. it is a matter of bad news. it is on acceptable in the 21st century for one country to annex a part of another country. i think the ukraine and russia, an issue that is a concern for the world that concerns lafayette and we are alarmed and concerned about what is i think the ukraine and russiah. country's his neighbors are worried about a spillover. qwest what do you think vladimir putin's and goal is here? class probably that is what he would like to do. i think it is yo
Apr 29, 2014 10:00am EDT
of the situation in russia? >> mr. putin is salvaging a failure. he lost control of ukraine in the revolution that overthrew viktor yanukovych. crimea was a consolation prize. now what he is trying to do is by intimidating and disrupting the political process in ukraine, to loosen kiev's control over the country. what he is trying to do right now is to destabilize the political process so that you end up with such a decentralized ukraine that russia can control it in a way that he controls the whole -- controlled the whole of it after the revolution. >> ariel roubini thinks things will get worse and -- before they get better. you agree? 10,n a scale of one to ukraine is at seven and getting higher as far as the chance of what he termed a hot war is. >> that would be a very risky option for putin. the squeeze of economic sanctions in energy and financial sectors has not been put on yet. i don't think he needs to do more than he is doing. disruption, acting as provocateur -- it would be a very risky option for him to mount a full-blown invasion. i think that would force the germans into backing
Apr 28, 2014 10:00am EDT
in the world. how worried are you about russia? >> russia is a complicated thing. it's a complicated situation and it's an area where we don't seem to have much in the way of leverage and control. i don't know that the russians were sitting around waiting to take crimea. thewhen the root -- revolution happened, it was an opportunity for them and it's a natural sphere of influence for them. and they took it. there was nothing the west could do. the biggest structural problem in terms of dealing with this type of crisis is that the russians provide about 1/3 of the gas into europe. if that gas were reduced or turned off, it would have a very material impact. as you think about how to manage a crisis, with that in the background, that is the problem. on the other hand, were the russians to do that, that would affect them financially adversely. it's a bit of a complicated sing-along with the ethnic russian issue and what is the russian agenda? is it to reassemble part of their empire that was liquidated in the 1990's? we will find out. >> is there an opportunity for you as an investor in any of th
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4